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The Great Insurance Debate

Cruise Chat Online is not endorsing nor recommending any type of insurance coverage or online resource. This post serves only a resource for information allowing you to make an informed decision.The Great Insurance Debate.

Should you buy, or not? Insurance is a greatly debated topic among cruisers.  Some swear they don’t need it, while others swear you must buy it.  Should you?

It’s a personal decision, and only you can decide what is best for you.

There are many options available  Some homeowner’s and/or renter’s insurance will cover losses experienced while traveling.  Is this the best option?  Insurance companies will often raise your premium well above the cost of the individual travel insurance premium once you make a claim.

Typically, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance only covers the loss of items in your possession, not anything having to do with medical issues or trip cancellation.

If you are worried about medical issues or trip cancellation, it is better to purchase insurance specifically designed for travelers.  You will be able to purchase this insurance through your  cruise line or independently through an insurance carrier..

Secondary travel insurance relies on your homeowners premium and covers anything that is left over.  It starts after your own insurance has settled its claim. However, you may wait for months as your own insurance pays out before you can get your secondary insurance to kick in.  Whereas, primary insurance covers you from the beginning of your travels; many suggest this type of policy.

Check into the different policies, and be aware what is covered, and what is not .  Pre-existing conditions can also be a critical part of the policy.  Companies that offer coverage vary on the time you must be clear of your symptoms before your condition is covered.

Keep in mind, most cruise lines limit liability for lost, stolen or damaged baggage or baggage delay.  Insurance will increase your coverage beyond the minimums offered by your cruise line.

Websites such as Insure My Trip and The Trip Insurance Store can supply further information as well as pricing and quotes.

So, Should you get travel insurance for you cruise?

In most cases, the cost of basic insurance tends to be quite reasonable.  Review the policies and be aware what is covered and not , such as weather, air fare, itinerary changes, etc.

For many, it’s an expense that can be avoided. For others, it’s a peace of mind.

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